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Information About Our History and Past Clients

Recording Number One Hits since 1981

Several internationally recognized artists and many Grammy winning artists have made their way through Digital Services Recording Studio including: Destiny’s Child, Rolling Stones, Frank Zappa, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, Talking Heads, Keyshia Cole, Gucci Mane, and Chamillionaire.

Digital Services was also rated Billboard’s #1 R&B Recording Studio in 2000. More Billboard charting and RIAA Gold and Multi-Platinum Award Records have come from Digital Services than any other recording studio in Houston. We are proud of our clients and the millions of people whose lives are touched by their music and art.

Destiny’s Child

Destiny’s Child has completed work on several projects with Digital Services Recording Studio with both James Hoover and Mark Kidney.

Work completed includes:
“No, No, No” – 1997 – James Hoover
“Destiny’s Child” self titled – 1998 – James Hoover
“Writing’s on the Wall” – 1999 – James Hoover, Mark Kidney
“Survivor” – 2001 – James Hoover
“8 Days of Christmas” – 2001 – James Hoover
“This Is the Remix” – 2002 – James Hoover
“#1’s” – 2005 – James Hoover


Chamillionaire is a regular at Digital Services, completing much of his careers work within our studio.

Work completed includes:
“Sound of Revenge” – 2005 – James Hoover
“Ridin'” single – 2005 – James Hoover
“Grown & Sexy / Turn It Up” – 2006 – James Hoover
“Ultimate Victory” – 2007 – James Hoover
“Mixtape Messiah” series – James Hoover

Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole continued work on her album “Calling All Hearts” with engineers Charles Ray and Mark Kidney at Digital Services in August of 2009. The album was eventually released in December of 2010 features tracks recorded by both engineers. Another track recorded during these sessions was released prior to the album on the Gucci Mane album “The Stave vs. Radric Davis” featuring Keyshia Cole named “Bad, Bad, Bad”.

Our History of Artists

A more complete list of our clients is as follows. This list includes mainly nationally recognized artists. For a more complete list of the artists that have come through our doors please refer to our engineer’s pages which will include the clients both national and local that have worked with the individual audio engineer.