Studio A
Recording and Mixing

Featuring a 48 Channel SSL Duality with Pro Tools 10 HD

Digital Services Control Room

Our Studio A Control Room features a full Solid State Logic (SSL) Duality 48 channel recording and mixing console. In addition to the console, we have a wide variety of outboard gear to handle all of our other analog based needs including microphone preamps, equalizers, compressors, and effects.

For monitoring we have Yamaha NS-10’s, TAD Loudspeakers, and Rythmik Audio Subwoofers which have been strategically tuned with the sound of the room for a great mix every time that will translate well to any other environment. Our control room also features a Protools 10 HD-3 Accel system loaded with plug-ins on a Mac Pro 8-Core Computer. While recording, the room has two 42-inch LCD TV’s for line-of-sight with musicians in any recording room, along with direct line-of-sight with our main isolation room through a big window in the front of the room.
The control room has speaker lines and instrument lines that run to all of the recording rooms for those artists that like to play in the control room rather than next to their noisy instruments or amplifiers. With our silent A/C, dim lighting, and plush leather chairs, you can sit back and relax during the entire process!

SSL Duality Equipped

Anybody that knows anything about recording and mixing music will tell you that Solid State Logic (SSL) consoles are the boards that have changed the sound of music! Each channel on the board has an independent dynamics section which includes a compressor, gate, and expander. In addition to the classic dynamics section, each channel has a versatile equalizer with both e and g series eq modes, and two stereo aux sends with four additional mono aux sends. This console is perfect for recording and mixing.

3 Isolation Rooms

Digital Services Recording Studio has three separate isolated live rooms for recording music and one hall with inputs for a natural hall reverb. Each room has its own sound and is adjustable to the requirements of the music. All of our isolation rooms have are hooked into a closed circuit camera system which offers a line-of-sight for each room in addition to the windows by watching one of our many 42 inch LCD HDTV’s located in each recording room. This system can switch between every view in the building including all of the recording rooms and the control room, and even the outside cameras for detecting when other band members arrive or when the pizza guy shows up. The TV’s can also be used for other purposes such as voice over to video work. In addition to microphone inputs, each room has speaker and instrument lines patched directly to the control room for clients that do not wish to be in the room with instruments that require amplification. A musician may place their speaker cabinet in one of our live rooms while recording in the control room.

9 Foot Kawaii Grand Piano

Our piano recording room features a 9-foot Kawaii Grand Piano rated by the Houston Grand Opera as the best sounding recorded piano in Houston. The room has a ten foot ceiling with four diffusion panels split between three surfaces to keep a small live room sound which can be combined with any amount of reverb effects. This room has two windows that look out to the hallway and the main recording room. Our piano is always mic’d up, tuned, and ready to record for any session that requires a live piano sound.

House Instruments

Digital Services offers a Yamaha Stage Custom 5 Piece house drum set for sessions in need of live drums as well as a full acoustic to electronic trigger conversion kit for groups that require tighter sounds offered by software sample libraries. The studio also has several guitars, acoustic guitars, and bass’s available for those musicians looking to create a unique combination of sounds. In addition to instruments, the control room is fitted with a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier and a Marshal JVM 410h amplifier run to a Mesa Boogie 4×12 cabinet. Additional required instruments and amplifiers must be provided by the musicians.