Ryan Bukowski
Recording and Editing Audio Engineer

Redefining The Recording Experience

For the past 9 years, Ryan has been heavily involved with all aspects of the Houston music scene. In high school and college, Ryan played drums for several established bands, as well as recorded many well-known local acts in his home studio. Once he decided studio work was what he wanted to pursue in the long run, he attended the music program at Houston Community College and graduated with an Associates in Audio Recording.

In winter 2008 Ryan and his band …And The Pursuit recorded their debut CD at Digital Services with Charlie Ray. Since then Ryan never left. He completed a full internship throughout the summer and began engineering soon thereafter. He specializes in recording as well as editing. His extremely creative vision of music can benefit any artist during the recording process. And there is nothing he can’t make right through his unsurpassed editing techniques. Ryan’s past projects include Kimberly Wyatt, Machina, Trancend, Elysian, Raging Apathy, Crash 45, and many others.

Twitter: dsrecordings

Twitter: lacemode