James Hoover
Recording and Mixing Audio Engineer

Grammy Award Winning Engineer

James Hoover is a Grammy award winning audio engineer from Houston, TX. With over 18 years of engineering experience in multiple genres of music, James has what it takes to make any project shine.

Over the years, James has played in multiple bands of different styles including Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, and Heavy Metal. In addition to playing Keyboards, Bass, and Guitar, he played Trumpet, French Horn, and Flugelhorn in both high school marching and concert bands. James attended Houston Community College studying under Mark Erickson, and received an Associate’s Degree in Audio Engineering, graduating with honors. While attending college, James began working as a house engineer for Digital Services Recording Studios, a pioneer in the digital audio world, and for many years, the only world class studio in Houston. At Digital Services, he has worked with countless clients in every genre of music, as well as film, and spoken word, in both live and studio environments. Some of James’ work includes Destiny’s Child, Scarface, Frankie J, Geto Boys, Chamillionaire, Baby Bash, Motley Crue, Marilyn Manson, and ZZ Top.

Twitter: dsrecordings

Twitter: lacemode