Charlie Ray
Recording, Editing and Mixing Audio Engineer

Creating New Trends In Recording, Editing, And Mixing

Charles Ray has gone from running a small home based studio to owning and operating Digital Services, a nationally well-known world class recording studio in a quick six years. He now works with major international artists as well as regional and local acts in all genres of music, and he has been instrumental on a number of platinum tracks. In addition, Charlie serves on the Board of Advisors of the Art Institute of Houston for their Audio Production Program.

At 17, Charlie got his first taste of a world class recording studio while attending a tour of NRG Studios with Linkin Park, after doing some web work for them. Shortly thereafter, Charlie started building a home studio and began learning recording and mixing by “guess and check” along with some advice of some well-known professionals out of Los Angeles, CA and Houston, TX.

Charlie has been in two locally successful rock bands, both of which enjoyed radio play on Clear Channel owned 94.5 The Buzz (with songs recorded and mixed by himself and mastered by Mark Kidney). Charlie had recorded at Digital Services with Mark Kidney in one of his bands before owning the studio. After realizing the potential of Houston’s best recording studio, Charlie took over Digital Services in June of 2007. He now does all booking and managing, and also engineers Rock music and a little bit of everything else including most recently: Chamillionaire, Keyshia Cole, and Gucci Mane.

Twitter: dsrecordings

Twitter: lacemode