Session Tips
Information For A Successful Session
Becoming familiar with the recording process will ensure a successful start to a project at Digital Services Recording Studio. The more you know about how we work, the better we can improve your recordings. Bands require a lot of preparation time before booking a session with us. Other artists that aren't familiar with the recording process may also find our preparation tips helpful before booking a session..
Mixing starts after the recording process and normally also includes the editing process. If your music was recorded with us, than you have nothing more to be prepared for other than bringing your (or your producers) artistic vision for how you would like your music to sound beyond our engineers interpretation. If you are bringing a session in to us that was prepared at another studio than we do have some tips to make sure we don’t have any problems.
Mastering is essentially the process of applying the proper and necessary techniques to a final mix in order to better prepare the audio for the final production. This process includes creating master CD for a duplication or replication plant to finish your project into a sellable form. Digital Services uses a combination of digital and analogue equipment to process your audio into an industry standard commercial format. To ensure project compatibility, please read our tips on audio preparation for mastering.